Monday, June 29, 2015

Information about the Arizona Study Program

I’m so excited to have many of my students involved in the Arizona Study Program this year! The program offers additional recitals, theory study, and a final evaluation at the end of the year which takes place at ASU. I will require that students involved have 45 minute weekly lessons to be sure they are properly prepared for the final evaluation and written theory test. This is an excellent way to challenge students to work harder as well as provide them more opportunities for performance throughout the year.

There is a $20 enrollment fee and a $12 fee for the theory book study materials.


The Arizona Study Program is a twelve year graded course of music study developed by the Arizona State Music Teachers Association to provide for the development of repertoire, technique, and theory. It is organized in terms of the twelve years of public school, with one level available for each of the years a student would be enrolled in school. However, a student may progress at his/her level as the teacher may deem appropriate and/or necessary. It requires continual work throughout the year. In the spring, there is a private evaluation of the repertoire and technique requirements by a Master Adjudicator, and a written theory test.
In addition to a written evaluation of their performance and a grade on their written theory test:
  • Certificates and ribbons are awarded to the students to indicate their accomplishment.
  • Plaques are awarded to those students successfully completing Elementary Division 4A and Intermediate Division 8A in Repertoire, Technique, and Theory.
  • Trophies are awarded to students successfully completing the Advanced Division 12A.
  • The James Anthony Award (a monetary award) is awarded to high school seniors who successfully complete Level 12 A.
  • The Arnold Bullock Scholarship of $400 is available to anyone who receives the James Anthony Award and then becomes a music major at a college or university. (Contact your local chairman for application requirements.)

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