Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March Newsletter.

Hello piano families!

I've decided to post everything on this blog instead of emailing information out. It will be much easier to keep everything in the same location and keep everyone up to date.

Thanks to the following students who were able to attend the master class on Feb 22nd.
Kyler, Mara, Braden, TJ, Alex, Andrea, Bo, Rebecca. 

I was impressed by each students' preparation and hard work getting ready for the class. 
After all of the students played for each other we did some ear training/notation, they listened to me play a melody and then each notated on their own paper what I played. 

The next master class will be held Saturday APRIL 19th. It is necessary for as many students to come as possible as this will be a practice for the May recital. 

May Recital- 
The recital will be held Saturday May 3rd at 2pm. I'm still looking for a good place to hold the recital, if anyone has an idea of a place with good space and nice piano please let me know! 

All students should now have recital songs and have begun working on them. Parents please be aware of what your children are learning, these songs are difficult and will take your encouragement and motivation to have them learned and memorized in time. 

Spring Break-
There will be no lessons March 17th-21st. This is the week Mesa Public schools is on vacation. 

I leave for Tonga in the middle of June and will be gone through the end of July. I'm happy to schedule lessons for the first 2 weeks in June for those who are interested. All studio lessons will begin the first week in August. 


So excited for this blog! This blog will be used to post upcoming events, announcements, tips on practicing, and much much more.

To the right you will see pages where you can find information about the studio policy, calendar, as well as forms you can printout for practicing such as fingering technique and music history assignments.

Please check back regularly for updates as well as assignments for students.