Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April news and May Recital details!!!

The month of April is going to be busy getting ready for the recital in May!! Students should have songs memorized by the end of next week and all ready to go for the recital. Encourage students to play for as many people as possible so they get used to playing for others! There is no master class this month.

MAY RECITAL! I've decided to split our recital in half to accommodate families that had conflicts in either the morning or afternoon recital. Please look at the list below to see when your recital is and where it is held.  Thank you!


10AM Recital

Alex White
TJ White
Braden Traasdahl
Jarom Ricks
Tanner Ricks
Harmony Durfee
Tyler Durfee
Justin Durfee
John Knight
Roxy Whipple
Spencer Bark
Eliza Bark

2PM Recital

Lauren Porter
Cooper Porter
Kourtney Maughan
Camryn Maughan
Jake Dalton
Cole Maxson
Ruby Cardon
Bo Cardon
Parley Cardon
Rebecca Cardon
Kyler Duncan
Mara Duncan

I'll be giving out invitations this week for the recital! Let me know if you have questions! 

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